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We also offer Stand-Up Paddle-boarding lessons. It’s the latest craze that is taking the surf and mainland communities by storm. It’s a great way to stay in shape and experience some breathtaking views. We take great pride in our surf lesson school and we love what we do! The knowledge base that Corolla Surf Instructors pull from is 22 years of experience.

That goal has not changed. What we have learned over the years is that every person learns differently. Each surf student absorbs information and reacts to the elements differently than the next student. We adjust and adapt our curriculum to the specific needs of each student.

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We teach all of our lessons on shallow (about waist deep), low-tide sandbars. You will be able to stand the whole lesson and are close to shore (10-15 yards) We also buoy a shark repellant device, called a “Shark Shield, which we float around our lessons. You can learn more about the device on their website.

Surfers deal with sharks all over the world, however we are doing our best to mitigate the risk in the changing waters on Cape Cod and make sure you have a great surfing experience.

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding a wave, and if you’ve always dreamed of learning how to surf, the expert instructors at Learn To Surf LA Surf School are here to help make that dream a reality. The Learn To Surf LA team uses a simple yet proven technique that enables the vast majority of our students to get up and ride after just one class.

Our friendly and engaging professional instructors use premium-quality long foam surfboards, which are safer and offer the best combination of stability and maneuverability. Since opening our doors in 2002, we’ve helped thousands of students take the plunge and experience the one-of-a-kind exhilaration that only surfing can deliver. Individual lessons are available in single sessions, or in money-saving three-lesson, five-lesson, and seven-lesson packages.

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They are perfect for students who want to learn how to surf on an expedited schedule.Group surf lessons are perfect for those who prefer a more social setting. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of five students per instructor, and whenever possible, we’ll separate groups by skill level to help everyone progress together.Kids and teens between the ages of 5 and 17 can also take part in our signature Surf Camp, which gives kids a great way to stay active and build advanced skills.

Kids under the age of 12 need a little more supervision. To be able to provide this important individual attention as well as a safe & caring atmosphere we operate in small groups with one surf instructor + nanny service for every six kids. Small surfers have the ability to learn surfing faster, easier and very different from adults.

Unknown Facts About Too Young For A Surfing Lesson?

When the parents take part in the lesson, please be assured that we chose the beach with the focus on the little ones. We will do our best that your day at the beach with us will be one of the top highlights of your vacation and maybe your first family surf trip!! Download now our KIDS & FAMILY SURF SCHOOL INFO SHEET!! session about 2 hours of water time, coaching/lessons fully qualified and friendly surf coaches + nanny click site 1 instructor – 6 kids free transport to the spots at the diverse beaches on the South and West coast pick up and drop off at Climb & Surf Camp Quinta Formosinho, choosen hotels and meeting points surfboard, wetsuit & lycra .

Standing up on a surfboard for the first time is one thing, but really, to learn to surf properly is a different story. The age-old question, “how long will it take me to get good?”. So, what exactly do you mean be getting good? “Well, you know, to be able to do tricks” (surf lessons).

Not known Facts About Surf Lessons For Children

Well, let’s just take a few steps back here, you may never be able to an aerial, many surfers who have been surfing for years don’t do aerials, and a lot don’t necessarily want to. “Oh, so then what will I be able to do?” Surfing is a different sport, it doesn’t have the incessant focus on tricks like some other sports.

Smiley Sasha Julius loving life Sasha Cook was 18 when she arrived in Cape Town from England, her sister had done a surf trip in South Africa during her Gap Year and Sasha wanted to do the same. Julius, 16, arrived from Denmark with a keen interest in sports and especially table tennis (surf lessons).

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